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Marine Science


Diving and Boating Safety Commitee

Please direct any diving, snorkelling or boating safety concern to the Diving and Boating Safety Commitee (DBSC) at, to any member of DBSC individually, or to the Macquarie Health & Safety.

Current membership:


  • 2015.Feb.23 - Minutes
  • 2015.Mar.23 - not minuted - feedback on proposed draft snorkelling operations manual.
  • 2015.May.06 - Minutes
  • 2015.Jun.15 - meeting to approve the new Snorkelling Manual and forms.
  • 2015.Jul.28 - Minutes
  • 2015.Nov.17 - Minutes
  • 2016.Feb.02 -  Minutes
  • 2016.May.27- scheduled.

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Jane Williamson snorkelling

Mike Gillings snorkelling