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Marine Science


Boating fieldwork

The Marine Fieldwork Manager is here to help you get out on the water... and ensure you come back!

If you're planning a research project that includes boating, maximise your time and minimise your hassels by chatting with the marine fieldwork manager and/or dive officer as early as possible in your planning process. We have a lot of experince and expertise and who needs to reinvent the wheel?

If you're just looking to get involved with some of the exciting work happening around the uni, then the dive officer and marine fieldwork manager can help point you towards the people who are getting out on the water!

All boating activities must be approved by the marine fieldwork manager / boating manager in advance of conducting the fieldwork.

Faculty of Science Boating Manager & contacts

Boat Safety

Please direct any boating safety concern to the Diving and Boating Safety Commitee (DBSC) at, to any faculty boating manager or to the Macquarie Health and Safety.

Forms and paperwork associated with boating

1. Research vessel induction

2. Preparing your boating plan

3. Fieldwork notification (Boating)

4. Logging boating activity

  • Complete daily log for vessel forward to the faculty boating manager [download vessel specific daily log form]
  • If necessary complete maintenance request and forward to the faculty boating manager [link to form (pdf)]
  • If necessary complete Univeristy incident notification form [hazard reporting] and notify the faculty boating manager.
  • If necessary complete Maritime incident notification form [link to form] and notify the faculty boating manager.
  • The faculty boating manager must be notified as soon as possible if any incident is reported.