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Marine Science


Marine Fieldwork

There are a varitey of resources available to enable you to get into the field and collect your data as safely and efficiently as possible. Your academic supervisor, the university dive officer, and the marine fieldwork manager are great places to start. Prior to conducting fieldwork you must get it approved by the dive officer or marine fieldwork manager.

Key contacts

General procedure

  • Participants (anyone participating in fieldwork of any kind):
    • create a field friendly account and upload any relevant qualifications and/or required information (Field Friendly). Field Friendly requires and MQ OneID to login. If you are not an MQ student or staff contact the person you are planning to work with to get an OneID.
    • agree to attend trips via Field Friendly.
  • Trip leaders:

Links to Information and forms

Incident & Hazard Reporting

Marine Equipment

There is a range of marine equipment that is available for use, including vehicles, boats, SCUBA gear, emergency equipment such as First Aid kits, Satellite phones, EPIRBs, two way VHF radios (see the marine fieldwork manager and/or university dive officer for additional information).

Collecting Marine Specimens

If you require marine specimens collected for you for research or teaching, please see the Marine Fieldwork Manager. If you wish to collect specimens yourself, you will have to obtain the correct permits through NSW Department of Primary Industries - Fisheries, or the appropriate Marine Park Authority (e.g. Jervis Bay, Byron Bay) or state governing body. This will usually take at least two months to be processed and approved so plan ahead for such activities. If you need animals kept alive for any period of time and would like them housed in the Seawater Facility then contact the Seawater Facility Manager.

More Information

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