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Marine Science


Marine Science Postgraduate Studies

Macquarie University no longer offers an Honours degree program and has moved into the Internationally recognised Masters level post-graduate accreditation.  Entry to PhD level study at Macquarie University now requires a Masters degree as a pre-requisite for entry. 

Masters of Research, PhD

Masters degrees are undertaken over a two year period, and include coursework and a major research project. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) takes a maximum of 4 years, and is based purely on research (A number of scholarship schemes are available for MSc, MRes and PhD programs are available for Australian and international students).

For students interested in continuing their studies in marine science, projects are offered in a range of research areas. Look for potential supervisors by visiting the Macquarie Supervisor Register or academic staff list.


Diving from Sea Wasp

Hormosira banksii

Eden coast